I go to the Swifty gas station in Henderson Ky. The last three time I have gone there, I have been approached by the attendant and asked for tips.

I sometimes tip at stations on my own, but never been approached by people asking me. They have asked me the last three times that I have gone there. I dont think this is appropiate. If this type of behavior goes on, I will no longer stop there for gas.

I have had people with me each time, Please handle this accordingly? This gets very annoying after once or two times.

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I am a manager at swifty please ask to talk to us if it goes on we will be glad to step in and can assure you they won't ask again


then go somewhere else, get your lazy *** out in the freezing cold & pump your own gas. They make minimum wage & have to have layers of clothes, coveralls, gloves, warm socks & boots to buy on that salary. :roll


I have gotten gas at Swifty in Henderson on Hwy 41 for the last 12 years. This past Sunday, 12/5/10, I was driving off after receiving full service and the attendant throws his hands in the air and says "No tip?" I just kept driving. This is annoying.

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