I go to Swifty on KY18 in Florence Ky and every time I go there I never have to get out of my car this lady that works there always comes out and pumps it for me. She is a real sweetheart and I'm glad she's there; I've been coming to Swifty for 9 years and never got service the way she gives it.

She is always smiling and kind. I love her attitude. I am 62 years old and have alot of problems walking.

She makes it a pleasent trip to get gas concidering gas prices. thanks lola

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Buffalo, New York, United States #616196

62 is not old.You should be pumping your own gas.You were able to walk to your car I'm assuming so you can get out and pump your own gas.If you can not pump your own gas you should not be driving.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #613267

always a blessing to hear some positive feedback for a change - thanks for your business and kind words.

to Mr Swifty Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #651413

kinda funny how ive went in this station very recently and saw some of the employees smelling like marijuana kinda funny sounds to me like they got a bunch of drug addicts at this station over half the crew looks like there on drugs in Ur Florence station might think about drug testing this station

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