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When does a 44 year old grandmother have to show id to but tabacco? When she is buying them from the swifty gas station where she has been buying them for over a year and everyone who works there knows her.

I would love to say I don't look 44 but that would be a lie. I could even understand if the employee had not seen me or my id before. Not the case.

Swifty lost a gas and tabacco customer today.Last time I checked you only have to be 18 to buy tabacco. Unbelievable to me that you would want to lose customers this way.

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I got carded at CVS when my boyfriend was buying ciggaretes. I wasn't even buying them I was just with him.

The lady said that everyone in the group of people buying ciggaretes had to be carded.

So I asked her if she was going to card the six year old in the cart behind us if his mom wanted to buy ciggaretes, and we left. So stop ***, at least they weren't trying to card your non-smoking grandkids.


if you think i took it out on the attendant you must be her and also know me. why would you treat me this way?

where you afraid you would get in trouble for selling me tabacco? I doubt it. get some control over yourself and do your job.

maybe you don't need to be in customer service or you felt the need to treat me bad that day. whatever


then how come swifty is the only one asking for id?


By law, attendants can ask for id from ANY matter how old you look. As of 4-4-10(i think that was the date), a new law was passed that states that if a consumer looks under 100 years of age, they are to be carded.

The guy was just doing his job. If you don't like it, try to get the law changed, but don't take it out on the attendant.

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