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Its March 1st 2010, at about 5:00pm,in Delaware,Ohio i pulled up to Swifty gas on the full service side.I rolled my window down and told the attendant 15 dollars, regular.

He began pumping my gas. When he was finished he asked, "do you happen to have 2 and a quarter?" I thought he was looking for a tip or something. So i said to him "what for?" He said loudly, ( with his hands in the air) well i went over. Granite he never walked away while pumping my gas.

I said to him well sir its not really my fault that you went over. I also did not have any more cash on me. That is what i made in tips that day. But mostly it's not my fault he wasn't paying attention.

So he went to the car on the other side of the pump and began undoing their gas cap while still saying to me in a loud, rude, tone "k have a good night, thanks a lot!" My window is still down and i put my car into drive and start to pull off and he yells across the gas station (mind you everyone's windows are down and children in the back seat of the car on other side of pump)"see ya later ***!" I'm sorry in no way to i feel like did anything wrong, and certainly don't deserve to be screamed at for something i didn't even do.

Now had i been at the self service side and went over 2 dollars and a quarter then clearly i screwed up and would pay for what i pumped.He screwed up!

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At 612s.sandisky ave delaware ohio very rude people!!

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #610562

ppl ppl.....listen to yourselves.....everyone wants something cheap or free and attendants barely make more than minimum wage.....and ppl heap abuse and foulness on attendants over gas prices , as if the attendant has ANYTHING to do with that , and when they see they have to pay more for full service you see full bi-polar situations there!Swifty doesnt care if you come back because everyone needs gas and Lord knows any gas station with an open spot without hassle will do.

If Swifty wanted to really improve their business they would pay their ppl a DECENT wage and re-invest in their stations! If you even saw the district and regional manager (last two I had ) then you would understand that its not about the customers or the employees, its about how much they can stuff in their greedy pockets.

There is a good market out there for full service stations but Swifty doesnt care about quality ppl or stations....just loook at their run down looking places .........trashy!:sigh


you is telling a lie my friend i sure if it on the 1st at 5:00 that day was a girl working so way you have to lie


For someone who works in customer service it seems like one would have thicker skin. However, a simple explanation that you didn't have anymore cash would probably have been sufficient. By the way, it's granted, not granite.


I just began working at swifty's and tonight was distracted and pumped $0.29 on a $15.00 sale.I told the lady $15.00 and she noticed the 29 cents and asked about it I told her my mistake my problem and refused to let her pay even though she offered.

I have not seen anyone being rude at the Peru IN Location and would have a fit if I did, and yes some customers can be quite rude as well and it always makes me smile when I can be super sweet to these customers because you know it just ticks them off. Just please do not judge all stations based on one bad attendant.

Some of us work extra hard to be nice to everyone.



I was caught in a tornado and pulled my car into the Swifty Gas Station at Madison and Thompson Streets in Indianapolis.(October 26th, 2010, at 10:00am).

I attempted to flee debris flying by entering a door of the Swifty Gas Station. The attendant locked the door and stood there yelling at me and swearing at me, telling me to leave. I couldn't believe it!

I almost got into a car accident crossing the street to take shelter in a restaurant.Unbelievable!


axl is a liar!!! sorry you could not keep your money straight and got fired just shows you must have a preschool education because this is the easiest job i have had in my life and now i manage a station and i know i am half retarded


I have worked for swifty about two years and if he asked you for money he over pumped he was wrong especially if he was rude but i will apologize for him sorry so dont hold how he was against the whole company because most of us care about our jobs and would not be rude no matter what with a customer


TO AXL, You are a liar. Swifty's Should seek you out and press charges. If you got fired that tells us all we need to know about you.


cheap gas-cheap people

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